The Study- L’école Internationale

Learning methodology

Inquiry based learning through activity takes place at The Study. Experimental learning is the key to understanding the depth of the subjects. The primary students learn with hands-on activities in all subjects. The middle school does research based projects in English, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

We realize that the importance of reading, speaking and listening has been forgotten in this electronic age. These skills are necessary not only for language but for the entire subjects that are learnt.

Assessment plan

In the Kindergarten classes, evaluation is done on a day-to-day basis. The child is evaluated on the syllabus that is taught. The overall performance of the child is judged by the end of all the 3 terms.

From grades 1 to 10, the school follows semester system, which has 2 terms. Each term has 2 formative assessment s and one summative assessment. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is done in the areas of projects, class activities, group discussions, quizzes and assignments done at home. Formative assessments comprises of assessing both the oral and written skills. In summative assessments, only written skills are tested. Life skills, such as social skills and thinking skills are also graded. Non- Scholastic skills are also graded. Hence, it is very important to show interest and participate in competitions and other extra-curricular activities.


Kindergarten follows theme based learning. The little angels learn a new theme very month.

Children from 1st to 10th Std follow the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The books followed from Stds 1- 8 are books recommended by the CBSE board. Students of 9th Std follow the NCERT books.

Courses Offered for the Senior Secondary School


*English  *Physics  *Chemistry  *Biology  *Mathematics/Computer Science/Psychology

*English  *Physics  *Chemistry  *Mathematics / Computer Science


*English  *Accountancy  *Business Studies  *Economics
*Mathematics / Computer Science / Entrepreneurship.


*English  *History  *Geography  *Political Science  *Economics

*English  *Psychology  *Sociology  *Political Science  *Economics